woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Upgrade OBI to findings

Upgrading OBI to is quite... ehm... challenging.
My first advice would be: perform a complete fresh installation of Weblogic 10.3.5 and OBI (A so-called Out-Of-Place upgrade). An in-place upgrade is a LOT OF WORK and involves a lot of manual steps and scripting.

But, even the Out-Of-Place upgrade comes with challenges.
First of all, the installation is fine. (Although I tried to install this right after the release of the latest version of Java (7) and I didn't manage to get this up and running so I switched back to using 6u26.)
The migration of the security realm, setting up the Application Roles, everything is fine.
There is actually no need of upgrading the rpd file. Just point Weblogic to the correct file and it works.

But the WebCat is a different story...

In the version of instanceconfig.xml there is this entry in the section that says: change the upgradeandexit "false" value to "true"

The documentation does not mention this entry. It mentions the previous syntax, which is something like ps:catalog etc. /ps:catalog

Setting its value to true and restarting the presentation server should (I believe) perform an upgrade of the webcatalog.

(BTW: the install doc of the SampleApp also doesn't mention the tag, but the tag)

What I did find is loss of functionality. So the version and the post-upgrade version of the same dashboards act differently.
For instance: Graphs that have conditional formatting no longer animate. And also ALL our gauges lost their footer. because after the upgrade the @1 reference in the footer had changed after the upgrade to @0.

What else went wrong ? I'm still investigating. I'll keep you posted.

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