dinsdag 10 december 2013

It's been a while...

It's been a bit quiet lately. Not because of lack of interest, on the contrary. I've been very busy. From a BI perspective, lots of things have changed. I focused more on the back-end side of things (database, ODI etc) and also had some time with other vendor's tools. Let's leave it at that... :-) But first and foremost: I've been playing around with Oracle TRC. Translational Research Center. It's a platform based on Oracle Software (Database, Weblogic, ODI and OBI) that supports researchers and doctors in diagnosing patients. It offers the possibility of combining clinical data with genomic data. Which is of course very useful and necessary when you want to aim for personalized treatments. There is nothing more personal than an individual's DNA. Version 3.0 is out, so I'm figuring out what has changed. In the coming weeks, I'll be installing and configuring TRC at a customer's site and post progress here ! Regards, René

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