dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Progress on TRC

Working late... Today we finished the installation of Translational Research Center 3.0.1 in The Netherlands. Wow. It's a huge patchset. Why didn't Oracle call it 3.1 ;-) But, what's fixed now is, amongst other things, the VPD configuration. Now only the data is shown to the right users if they have the correct authorisation. Also, the loader for Complete Genomics NGS data works. Another big leap forward: because of a reference visit tomorrow we loaded the Glioblastoma dataset from The Cancer Genome Atlas. For these patients, also DNA Sequence variants, RNA expression data as well as Copy Number Variation data is loaded. What a great analyses can be done now ! Currently, we're working on some custom BI dashboards for deeper Cohort analyses... Looks promising !

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